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Getting to Bethel During the Houston Marathon this Sunday

There will most likely be some traffic delays this Sunday morning as the Chevron Houston Marathon will be in progress while much of our congregation is en route to Bethel. Be sure to take a moment and plan your route. The following map has a diagram as well as road closures marked – if you get in, it might prove difficult to get out.

To view a list of road closures, you can also click here. In short, anything West of Chimney Rock and South of Woodway is safe.

Hope everyone makes it to Bethel this Sunday!

P.S. For those participating in the marathon, you can stream the entire service via video LIVE through the following link: We hope you can participate in worship with us while you’re running your heart out! ;-)

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Tom Radosevich

I am driving the press truck (the full one on the right).  Always the fastest two hours of the year!  See y’all next Sunday.   Tom


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