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A Word from Pastor Wayne

This evening, Pastor Wayne shared an encouragement and prayer with our church family on Facebook Live. Click here to tune in if you missed it.

We are praying for you, our church, our city, and for Texas. We are forming a response team for the storm and want to help those in need. If you have storm-related needs, please let us know here on the City or email us at

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Carol Maresh

Please pray that Michael and Heather Maresh won’t get water in their house when water is released from Addicks Reservoir at 2:00am. They live very close to Buffalo Bayou.

Bethel Church

We are praying for them.

Megan Gray

Carol, any update this evening? We haven’t heard from them in a while.

Carol Maresh

I’m sorry Megan I just saw your email. You may have heard from them since you sent this.

I’m waiting to hear from them this morning. I talked to Michael a couple of times last night and water was covering their sidewalks and not draining well. Evidently the water release from the reservoirs was causing some flooding in homes closer to the bayou. We’re praying they made it through the night ok.

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