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Help with Hurricane Relief

We have assembled a few teams around Houston to help with recovery after the floods. This will not be a small task and we plan on “loving where we live” by serving our community and our church family.  To sign up for our serve team, please visit our website.

We are praying for you all and trusting God in this situation. May we come together as a community in this time. If you have needs, please let us know here

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Scarlett Tromp

If we know of someone that needs help should we post for them or let them do it?  Don’t want to duplicate things but right now they are evacuating their house and their life is top priority. Hope I make sense.

Angela Cisneros

Go ahead and fill it out and let them know.

Bethel Church of Houston

Bethel Church is a family of believers committed to making disciples of Jesus who glorify God in all of life.

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