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Help Move Flooded Senior Citizens

Willow Meadows Baptist is in need of 80 volunteers to help move senior citizens who were in flooded apartments to new apartments. Basics include moving their small apartment contents from first floor flooded apartment to another unit in the same complex. Please meet at 8 am Monday morning. 
Braeswood Interfaith Ministries
4300 W Bellfort
Houston, TX 77035

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Robbyn Smith (FB)
This is Monday morning correct?
Amy Gillespie


Bethel Church

Yes It’s Monday morning.

Elizabeth Varjas

Can someone send me the address for the apartment complex?  I have to drop Sarah off at our neighborhood community center and then can head over.

Angela Cisneros

Head to the address listed. They will direct you to wherever is needed.

Amy Gillespie

If you call Willow Meadows they can tell you. It’s Stafford House I think. Willow Meadows number is 713-723-2870

Amy Gillespie

Call Willow Meadows 713-723-2870.

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