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Sign Up Today for Touchpoint!

By Bethel Church in Bethel Church of Houston 11 days ago | 6535 views Link:
Touchpoint is a great tool that will help our leadership stay connected with you and help you to stay informed. Though Touchpoint is replacing the City, it’s capabilities are much different and will allow for Bethel’s staff and leadership to connect with you in a more meaningful way, allow you to view your contributions, and provide a place to connect with the ministries you are involved in. 
Touchpoint will be replacing the City, effective February 28. In order to get a head start, we want to invite you to register for Touchpoint. We have migrated your information over from the City so if you’re a current user, please be sure to use your email associated with the City or that Bethel has on file. Not sure what that is? Contact the church office at 713.782.8948.
Once you log in, be sure to verify and update your contact information. 

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Pastor Keith Bower

Don’t get left behind as we transition from The City to TouchPoint.

Please take a moment THIS WEEK to:

  • Sign In using your email, the one that this notice came to, or Sign Up
  • Update your profile

The video linked in this post will walk you through the simple process in less than ten minutes. Do it today! Thanks!

Natalie Swirsky

Hey Keith, 

Still trying to get registered, the link you provided with instructions, keeps sending me to Touchpoint to log in. As of right now I don’t think I can log in until I’m registered? Is there another place I can get the video?

Bethel Church

Here is the link again: You are already registered and I will send you the email that is registered. 

Natalie Swirsky


Karen Watson

Does TouchPoint have a mobile app?

Pastor Keith Bower

Yes! A custom Bethel mobile app is in development, but it is a little bit behind the desk top site.

Pastor Keith Bower

The City (this tool) goes away NEXT WEEK. Are you ready?

Don’t wait! Sign into TouchPoint and update your profile TODAY.

Just follow the instructions in the original message above and let us know if you need any help.


Pastor Keith Bower

Learn how to sign up for TouchPoint by watching this short video. [video]

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