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A Pet Is Missing

By Meagan Butler in Bethel Church of Houston about 1 month ago | 718 views Link:

Opportunity to help church neighbor in need! If you see this dog, here is the info!

Call HomeAgain at 1-888-466-3242 if you find Wally. :) 


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Natalie Swirsky

Will keep an eye out!

Meagan Butler


Pam Mitchell

Any news on Wally?

Bill Fry

Have you checked the pound?

Meagan Butler

No news! The HomeAgain service is great about letting me know who’s missing… but not so great at informing me on who has been found. Hopefully the owners have checked the pound. :( So sad to have a sweet, old dog out there on the loose.

Ellen Coimbra

Oh….  such a sweet dog…..  Praying for Wally to find himself home and if someone has him, soften their hearts and search for you…….   

I have a do, Shelby… she is like my baby…. and she got out,  it would be such a great loss if she got lost…..  praying for some news, too….


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