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Annual Meeting Celebration (Sunday, January 27, 12 pm)

By Pastor Wayne Smith in Bethel Church of Houston 13 days ago | 144 views
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We hope you’ll join us on Sunday, January 27th, immediately following the service for our Annual Lunch and Meeting in the Fellowship Hall.

We’ll look closely at a few items:

  • There will be a vote to affirm our currently nominated slate of Deacons. Information about these men will be placed in the church bulletin and will be available at the meeting. This requires a vote of the church membership
  • The 2018 year-end financials and the 2019 budget will be presented.
  • Three ministry related items will be presented including a Deacons duty reorganization, a report on our new community impact initiatives, and a preview of our 2019 goal of developing a leadership pipeline.   

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us. Please let us know you are coming by RSVPing on the City.


We’ll be providing childcare for Pre-K and under. So, please let us know in the comments below the name(s)/age(s) of your those you’ll need assistance for during the lunch.

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Discussion about this event

Woody Woodring on 01/10/2019

The 29th or 27th?

Woody Woodring on 01/10/2019


Tommie Merriman on 01/11/2019

Dale and Tommie Merriman will be in attendance!

On Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 4:18 PM Pastor Wayne Smith on The City <
(email address removed)> wrote:

Bill Fry on 01/11/2019

Yes plus wife

Melissa Montgomery on 01/11/2019

Have a 3 yr old Scarlett and 1 1/2yr old Grayson

Steve Lenich on 01/12/2019


Bill Fry on 01/12/2019

How many times must I respond?

Brittany LaFargue on 01/13/2019

Grant (3.5)

Clay (3.5)

Asher (19 months)

Scarlett Tromp on 01/13/2019

Seth, 2 years

Damitra Ramos-Patel on 01/14/2019

Isaac (4) and Mateo ( 1 1/2)

Jeremy Johnson on 01/19/2019

Brianna (2)

January 27
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
825 Bering Drive
Houston TX 77057
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117 people
are coming
Hillary Lin (2)

Derek Stewart (3)

Miriam Nordstrom (2)

Shana Parker (6)

Karla Morales (2)

Dave Tamm (2)

Elder Bill Cunningham (1)

Leigh Ann Smith (2)

Jeremy Johnson (2)

Carol Maresh (1)

Haley Edmiston (1)

Lou Ann Chae (2)

Justine Hirschbuehler (2)

Victoria Wilks (5)

Diane Lawrence (1)

Rebecca Gallardo (3)

Lai Quock (2)

Susan Mercer (5)

Pastor Keith Bower (3)

Don Currans (3)

Gillian Crowley (1)

Julie Bower (1)

Damitra Ramos-Patel (5)

Daniel Aldave (2)

Scarlett Tromp (5)

Peter Lyman (1)

Elder Clay Miles (2)

Brittany LaFargue (1)

Brent Ward (5)

Robbyn Smith (1)

Tom Radosevich (1)

Steve Erck (1)

Melissa Montgomery (3)

Matias Perez (2)

Stan Poland (2)

Frank Jones (1)

Pastor Dwain Camp (2)

Pastor Nathan Hansen (5)

Rona Hansen (FB) (1)

Pat Williamson (2)

Cathy Shannon (2)

Gene McFaddin (1)

Erika Zapata (2)

Ali Smith (1)

Pam Mitchell (1)

Talitha Powell (1)

Marianne Blackshear (1)

Linda Smith (2)

Jeremy Cooper (3)

Kara Fields (2)

Ellen Coimbra (1)

Bethel Church (1)

Mary Warner (2)

Greg Frazier (2)

Melissa Roedel (1)

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