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Community Group for July 12th

By Michael Maresh in Briar Forest Community Group 4 months ago | 126 views
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Hello Group!

Summer is moving quickly!  

This week, Heather will be preparing lasagnas for dinner for our Community Group and we ask that you please bring food stuffs to go with that dish.

David will be leading our discussion of chapter 3 from Praying Together: Promise.  Please come prepared to discuss!

We have a time sensitive announcement this week, so I’m posting it here first.  Next week is Bethel’s Kids Kamp in the evening and Thursday evening is the Big Event to end the week.  I know they will need as much help as they can get during the week and especially Thursday evening.

Next week, we are going to have a CG serve night.  Instead of meeting at our place, we encourage everyone to volunteer to help at Bethel next Thursday.  It’s not required, it’s what we’re doing that week and we hope you’ll be able to join in to serve and have fun!

I hope to see you Thursday!



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Discussion about this event

Natalie Swirsky on 07/10/2018

Yes Kids Kamp is getting amped up!

Please continue to pray for Robbyn. I spoke with her yesterday and we got a lot organized. She’s pretty immobile and her meds make her very groggy.

I will bring some roasted cauliflower

Natalie Swirsky on 07/12/2018

Switching my veggie to green peas due to schedule changes. Andrew and I are selling his truck right before CG, should hopefully still be there on time.

Jake Ramsey on 07/12/2018

I’ll have a meeting with Matias just before CG so ill be a bit late tonight

July 12
7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
10603 Tupper Lake Dr.
Houston TX 77042
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12 people
are coming
Jake Ramsey (1)

Ashley Graham (FB) (1)

Bringing: 1 Fruit
Megan Gray (2)

Bringing: 1 Salad
Edward Nordstrom (2)

Bringing: 1 Dessert
Meagan Butler (FB) (1)

Bringing: 1 Veggies
Joseph Green (1)

Bringing: 1 Garlic Bread
Natalie Swirsky (2)

Bringing: 1 Veggies
Michael Maresh (2)

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