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Philippines Mission Trip Informational

By Pastor Nathan Hansen in Bethel Church of Houston 12 days ago | 208 views
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Bethel is excited to announce that we’ll be going back to the Philippines for a 3rd mission trip this spring break, to serve with church planting ministry, Global Surge, and Bethel sponsored missionaries, Steve and Teri Pardue.

This mission trip is both amazing and highly accessible. So whether you’re a mission trip veteran or you’ve never been on a mission trip, you will be able to plug right in for life changing moments.

If you would like to learn more, please join us on Sunday, January 20th at 9am in the Coffee Shop for a short information meeting that will cover all the details of the trip, as well as a time to answer any questions.

If you would like to know more before then, please contact trip coordinator, Pastor Nathan at:


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Pastor Nathan Hansen on 01/15/2019

Super excited for the information meeting this Sunday. We’ll keep it short and sweet, but we’ll have all the information you need, plus breakfast and coffee!

This Sunday is the Chevron Marathon, so remember to avoid Woodway and Chimney Rock close to the church. (some options are to take either I-10 in and take the Voss exit or exit Hwy 59 and come up to get to the church.)

See you Sunday, 9am!

Pastor Nathan Hansen on 01/15/2019

As part of this trip, we’ll get to help active church planters in Manila setup and be run their church. If you’ve ever wanted to see what overseas church planting is like, this is an amazing trip! Click on this video to see what it’s like!

Pastor Nathan Hansen on 01/18/2019

Sunday is almost here! We have a great informational about the Philippines planned (with breakfast to boot)!

There will most likely be some traffic delays this Sunday morning as the Chevron Houston Marathon will be in progress while much of our congregation is en route to Bethel. Be sure to take a moment and plan your route. The following map has a diagram as well as road closures marked – if you get in, it might prove difficult to get out.

To view a list of road closures, you can also click here. In short, anything West of Chimney Rock and South of San Felipe is safe.

See you this Sunday at 9am! 

Pastor Nathan Hansen on 01/19/2019

Last year our team personally lead more than a dozen people to the Lord! What will this year’s trip be like?

Come to the information meeting tomorrow to find out how this life changing trip, change lives!

January 20
9:00 am – 9:30 am
825 Bering Drive
Houston TX 77057
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Marsha Bolton (3)

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